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MM Environmental Expedition '96


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I was just peruseing that large topic on "year of the Mountain" and remembered a long standing curiosity I have.

The Mountain Madness 1996 Everest debacle was billed as an Environmental Expedition. What was that about? Obviously they did little more than add to the growing trash heap...but what were the "Environmental" intentions? Does anybody know?

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Actually I am pretty sure it was an earlier MM expedition. I think it was 92 or 93 and I think it was with other groups as well? It was one of the first ones to do so (if not the first).

But, 1996 may have been a clean up trip as well?

The earlier clean up trip was one of the catalysts to change the trash situtation on the mountain. I understand it has been very successful up to Camp IV.

My uncle and friends trekked in to EBC and said it was very clean. They were surprised.

Apparently, because of these early efforts, expeditions now have to mark and cataloge each peice of equipment (right down to each biner) and account for it before leaving, or pay a fine. That is what I heard from a guy that helped pack out an everest expedition a couple of years ago.

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