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i see many closet cyclists are being brought out of the woodwork cause of Lance opening a can... any intrest to get some group rides at different locations... at least into the fall months? lemme know... i need some partners... my homeboys are too busy smoking the cheeba to give a shit about spinning...

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jon said:

I'm down to do some mountain biking, down for road riding too as long as you don't call me a jersey boy and hurt my feelings cry.gif


being a jersey boy is where it is at... it is like ya know... being confidant with your sexuality and shaved legs or something... i am smooth... i aint ashamed...

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lemon said:

Anyone been down to Hood River? My friend and I will be celebrating our 30th(s) and are thinking of heading down there over Labor Day.



Anyone have any mtbiking beta? Any camp spots?


Lemon, I highly reccomend the Surveyors Ridge trail, start at the top and ride down and back, it makes about a 25 mile single track ride with sweet views of the North side of Hood. T.H. is at about 4k and drops down to 2,500k. It's pretty rough in spots right now, but definately worth it.


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