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More North Cascades trivia


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Huh, I was only aware of the one just west of Easy Pass, and thought that Fisher Pass was actually up a side stream that's a couple miles further down the valley. Haven't been to the pass, but I recall it being described in the Logan Cross Country Route in the Green Beckey. I looked up the slope the guide said to go up while heading into the Douglas Glacier end of Logan.

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I've thrown this one past the Col. Klenke a couple of times and he has given me the "I know Nothing!"


Two Peaks - Both in the Cascades.

Switch one letter between the two peaks names. After switching the letters, spell the peaks backwards and you get the same peaks. Just switched.

No hints other than that they are both in the Cascades.

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1) A Chinook Indian legend has a woman turned to stone by Coyote the medicine man. What is the name of the rock formation?


2)The Yakima chief known as Meow-wah has become what mountain?


Does anyone want to go climb either one?


After about a week of no responses here are the answers:


A1) Kloochman Rock

A2) Goose Egg Mountain

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Mr Mo said a while back:

"Valumines was the name of the company; I always just referred to it as the Boston Mine. They were in limited operation in the mid 70's. Finding the Boston Basin trail in those days involved finding and following the black plastic water pipe above the mine. The Cascade Pass trail started at the mine as well and was much shorter than the existing one.


Regarding the obliteration and "rehabilitation" of the mine site I hope there's room for another point of view: that the obliterators and rehabbers have either no sense of history or a very finely focused one, and that removal of all traces pretty much amounts to an act of vandalism. The bunkhouse had been pretty much destroyed by a snowslide but I submit that the concentrator should have been left intact. Mining, like it or not, is an important part of Cascades history.


This isn't meant as a troll, BTW, though I admit it's probably pretty non-PC."




Mr Mo,

I agree completely. Those miners were the ultimate studs and should be celebrated. Where would this country be without guys like that who helped drive the industrial engine which made this country? We would be about where we are now, up a creek without an industrial base hoping we can get by on service jobs and 'green' jobs supported by taxing the few people still producing anything. A bit of an over-simplification to be sure but not that far off.

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