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Awesome Cascade climbing pics

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Found this while surfing around. The pictures and choice of peaks are great! Who's site is this anyways?

web page


I personally like the Mt. Triumph and Mt. Sefrit climb photos. There is no chestbeating either. Whoever put this together, thanks! I forgot my camera while climbing some of these peaks, and it's nice to go here and look at those places again.

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That route he has marked out on the South Twin is a bear compared to the way that follows a neat little trail up between the peaks(on the left before the creek crossing, there are ribbons), then up a snowfield to about 1/4 the way up the ridge grin.gif. His way follows the ridge completely. I did this last year. There was a ton of 'wacken and it took a long time. The sqeeters were out of control, they chased us up to the summit! The forest was nice and purty though.

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hey guys, thanks for the kudos. I got a digital camera last spring and have had a great time taking pictures over the last year.


klar404 mentioned cinderella from the east. coincidently, I just did that last weekend and'll be adding pics from there when I get around to it.


happy climbing!

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I've got an Olympus C-3000. it's a 3.3 megapixel. you can certainly get better. A year ago it was at a pretty good price point; I expect that currently somewhere around 5 megapixels is where the price/perfomance curve starts to drop off.


It has a slight (3/8 second) delay between the time I press the button and the time the image is captured... pretty annoying and makes for a poor camera choice if you're into action shots.


It doesn't take good pitcures in low light and it doesn't take good pictures when there's a lot of contrast between bright and dark (e.g. bright snow and shadows on peoples faces is a combination certain to produce a poor quality picture).


the eyepiece viewfinder is a little better than useless. If I want a picture to come out the way I expect I need to turn on the led screen (which really sucks the batteries) and use it to see what I'm getting.


There are models that have a slide cover that close over the lense and led screen to turn the camera on and off. I'd *highly* suggest a model like that for something that you'll want to take climbing (or do anything rough and tumble with.) In fact, just today, I was at the top of a pitch while helping with a climbing seminar and I asked someone to bring my camera up to me during their climb... now it has a crack in the led screen frown.gif


however, even with all my negative press, it's still a pretty good camera.


There are a lot of other reviews of digital cameras at http://www.dpreview.com


good luck.

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