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A Good All-Round Rope


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I have used lots of different brands and my favs are Mammut and Eldeweiss. The best cheap rope I ever bought was a 9.5 Eldeweiss Laser. I think it reatails around $140, dry 60m. It has around 175 days of use and i still use it heavily for work. My Favorite all time rope is a mammut supersafe. Kinda heavy but has a good feel and a really good sheath, really spendy though (around $240 i think) I think my supersafe has around 125 days of use and is still going strong. The worst ropes I have ever owned are sterling marathons, I went through 3 in 1 year. Core shots to all of them. Two of them were ruined the first day I used them. Way over priced, heavy, and get super fat and hard to handle. The sheath is way to soft! I get free sterling ropes for work and choose not to use them because they SUCK so bad. I have had pretty good luck with Beal/BD ropes. They seem to be a good deal for the price. I have lots of friends that climb on Esprit ropes and rave about them. They look like shit after a couple of uses but they never get worse. The sheath on these ropes are very tight giving the rope a stiff feel but making the sheath bomber. Though they are harder to manage due to the stiffness.


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fredrogers said:

FWIW- I picked up a 10MM, 60M Mammut "Promo" rope with a nifty, overly logoed rope bag from REI for $90 yesterday ($50 off). Feels like it has a nice hand. They had 3 left on the floor.


Jason I think rei has ropes on sale. I don't believe that promo is a dry rope. I'm not positive on this but i think they have the mammut glaxey (sp?) on sale for around 120 (also 50$ off). I have it and its a good rope. I would by that and then use the money you save to buy a 30m glacier rope.

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If you are primarily cragging I would buy the cheapest UIAA certified, 10+mm, 60 meter rope that you can get your hands on and apply the savings to an off-length (less than 165') dry rope with a diameter of 9mm or less for alpine and glacier stuff.


Any cragging rope that will stand up to routine abuse will be much heavier than necessary for alpine stuff, and any most skinny ropes will not be durable enough to take many falls at the crags.


You can find short alpine ropes Here

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One benefit of having several ropes for different types of climbing is that you don't have to replace your one "all-around" rope as often. It still probably doesn't even out in the end, but it sure is nice having the right rope for the occasion. I consider ropes well worth the extra expense.

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