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Tele bindings, boots and skis for sale


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Chilis were on them, but not now, but can be easily again. With or without Risers. Not sure what year the skis are. Maybe 1998. They are Black and red. Skis are in excellent condition. I bought them 3-4 years ago, but only skied on them once before I got something I liked better. Basically too short for me, but I tend to like longer skis than the average bear. Was going to maybe put AT bindings on them but I'm never going to bother I figured out.

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David_Parker said:

Alex, I live on Bainbridge, but could concievably bring them to a pub club or something. Hopefully the hwy 20 pass will open soon, and then there will be the big Paaarty in Mazama too. If you want to ride the ferry over one evening, I'll pick you up and we can go to the pub for few bigdrink.gifbigdrink.gifbigdrink.gif

don't believe him alex, he says he'll bring shit to the pubclub but, he'll forget.....

and David I still have dibs on the grade8s. bigdrink.gif

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