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Who's skiing this weekend?


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Ok, I have to get out this weekend or I'll wither away. I was thinking skiing would be good. So I'm game to hook up with any one who wants to go up to Muir or to WA Pass. I have cabin to use in Mazama too. I don't care what you ski on as long as you can go up and down fairly proficiently!!! Post here or send me a PM.

PS. I smoke dope in or out of huts and cabins!

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I hear you!!!! I got to put the boards on!(still haven't yet)

I think it is raining at Paradise, so WA Pass might be the best option. I have two good friends that might want to come. Would you mind a posse?

If anyone has news on current conditions anywhere, please share!

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Originally posted by gregm:
i vote for wa pass btw

No s**t dude... if it ever reopens! Supposed to get cooler on Friday, then get sunny. It appeared to be raining there last I looked (33F, with snow depth going down), but it should turn to snwo again.Should be filling in the cliff bands high up on XXX mtn nicely!

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Assuming the forecast is correct, the cold front moving in tomorrow should do a lot to stabilize the snow pack and calm down the slide paths crossing the highway. (Not to mention produce better skiing conditions) It’s been my experience that the DOT tries to keep highway 20 open into December if the avalanche conditions permit. Two weeks ago there was roughly 6 feet at treeline up by Blue Lake, and the upper bowls looked fairly filled in. Questionable stability kept us lower down in the larches. If the Highway’s open I’ll be there.

and for the record...I almost never smoke (just like beer better)Don't care if anyone else doesAnd think that it's rude to light up in a hut with out offering it up and making sure other folks are copecetic with it

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Can I or Would I? That is the real question. I probably could, but wouldn't. I couldn't guarantee I wouldn't fall and I don't think I would want to fall there, so I wouldn't. I like steep stuff, but I'm a little more sane than I used to be. One of the reasons I gave up alpine skiing and turned gay was because I was going to end up dead if I kept doing the stuff I was doing in my 20's on alpine skis. I'm just an old fart now.


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