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So I'd like to get a feel for how people like the new message board, anything that is different that you don't like. I thought I'd also explain why we upgraded the thing.

So why the upgrade? Basically better features for you, better admin utilities for us which makes our lives easier, and it's faster which keeps the hosting company off our backs (some companies don't even all them). Additionally the people who make this message board are phasing out their support the old and new hacks (scripts to add features) are only being made for the new one. So it was really a logical choice for us. I know the format has changed a little bit, but it's pretty much the same thing. Some of the features like the active topics and who's online will be back, we're just having to work them into the new system which will take a few days, hopefully then things will be back to normal. We may have done the upgrade a little prematurely and I apologize for that.

It doesn't sound like people like the ratings and which is fine, I just wanted to see how well it worked. In the future we may implement some sort of it where only people with good ratings have them shown, but I'll basically leave that up to the users if they want that kind of feature.

If you have private messages from the old system send me a private message and I'll be happy to email the file to you. It's unfortunate that they aren't compatible, but now that it's integrated we should never have a problem like this in the future.

A better active topics script should be ready tomorrow, which will fix the thing on the front page and will be like before, and will show post from the previous day. The one that came with the board sucks and isn't configurable.

Can't really think of much more. Thanks for everyones input, you comments are really important.

Jon [big Drink]

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The new features that allow you to go straight to the most recent page of the multi-page threads is a great improvement.

The feature that shows the most recent posting on each board is great. Is it possible to copy that so it would be available for each thread within each board?

I liked the ratings. It was fun to automatically one-star anyone who bitched about the ratings or the new board. But like someone else wrote, it would probably get old quickly.

Great job guys.


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I think I missed this ratings thing. I must have been pretty highly rated I guess rolleyes.gif" border="0

For suggestions I would like to see the new Private Messages indicator back at the bottom of the board so you know if you should check or not without visiting your profile.

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The Who's Online is coming back but in a slightly (and I think better) form probably by this weekend. I can hack the board to show the private messages at the bottom, I agree that is a pretty cool feature, should be done by tomorrow.

[big Drink]

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primate, I still see the random pics on the home page.I LOVE them...bravo to those who take such great fotos and share them! grin.gif" border="0

I like the fact that you can get your private messages directed to your email!

You also know if someone has read it or not...reminding me...

jon i sent a pm to you a few days ago...its still waiting to be received. Is it easier to reach your via email?


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