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Mexico Volcanoes


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Planning on doing the Mexican Volcanoes this coming January 19-Feb 2 and would like to get as much logistical beta as possible. The plan is to do Nevado de Toluca, La Melinche, Izta, and Orizaba with any extra days spent in Veracruz on the beach. Would appreciate any knowledge and suggestions that anyone would have to offer (ie. Mexico City Hotels, transportation, 4x4 drivers etc.)


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I'm heading to Mexico this winter too Jan 11-22nd. I posted a request for beta about a month ago and got lots of good responses back. Look here:


Have fun!

By the way Jim, do you do any climbing with the Chemeketans in Salem? I grew up in Salem before moving to Seattle...used to do lots of stuff with that club when I was younger.

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Hey Pete,

Thanks for the Link! All the info is greatly appreciated. The answer to your question regarding the Chemeketans is yes. I have only been involved with them since I started doing Alpine 2 years ago. Most of the time the club climbs are fun but as I try to get more involved the politics of Club rules gets frustrating. A few of the folks that are accompanying me down there are club members while 2 others are climbing partners of my own. It should make for an interesting trip. -J-

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