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[TR] Mt. Worthington - JGAP Directo 05/11/2024

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Trip: Mt. Worthington - JGAP Directo

Trip Date: 05/11/2024

Trip Report:

Worthington?  Had I heard of this peak before a few days ago?  Uhhh, no.  I'll admit that it was Plan B after some car trouble scuttled @Trent and my's plan to bug out for a Friday car camp and early Saturday climb.  Which meant that I missed most of the aurora that every raved about while I was casting about the recent aerials and maps, looking for a modestly high summit that wouldn't have much snow.  Somehow Worthington caught my eye because maybe it could be worthy?  To the NE side of the Olympics we would go and find out! 

But we couldn't just follow a gpx track and some beta,  That is no fun at all.  And so we went up Worthington a different way (from the east and south) than you'll find on the typical peakbagger sites. Mostly it was reasonable, but sometimes it wasn't all that pleasant.  Where we left the trail it was pleasant, open forest.  But then there was this was this section of softball scree, which was right after some scorest and before some steep dirt and gullies that I think the remaining fugitive goats maintain (good thing too, this was a key weakness that made this side go reasonably).  Somewhere in there a couple of large rocks shot past at an alarmingly high rate of speed (fugitive goats?), which was sort of exciting. But after that it was all alpine nectar, I promise. 

However, I know you don't come to my TRs for beta, which would ruin all the fun. Everybody's here for the photos.... and so without further ado...

4am wakeup:


First boat to Kingston:


Big Quilcene pleasantness:


Let the fun begin:



Alpine nectar!



Napping under the true summit (class 3):






Flowers, if you're into that sort of thing:


@Trent heading down with Constance and Inner Constance looking on:




Gear Notes:
helmet, whatever you might need for snow, if there is snow.

Approach Notes:
Big Quilcene Trail to Shelter Rock Camp and then up!
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The final few feet are not dog friendly (slabby, exposed 3rd), but Kiba could wait below?  Would only take a couple minutes to tag.  That summit area is less than 50' of vertical.

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On 5/16/2024 at 9:43 PM, JasonG said:

The final few feet are not dog friendly (slabby, exposed 3rd), but Kiba could wait below?  Would only take a couple minutes to tag.  That summit area is less than 50' 


Kiba would rather see us both dashed on the rocks dead than see me go to the summit without him. He’s f’ing crazy. All good, our normal route is a long enough day as it is.

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