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Statistical Climbing Guide for Fred Beckey

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Wow. that is quite the effort you put into those articles!  I especially liked the summit register synopsis....

And FYI, I'm sure that Dallas chuckled because Fred didn't quite clear his "Difficult Ten".  And maybe that was the point.....

But to be honest, Dallas really admired Fred and climbed with him a fair bit over the years.

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"Fred Beckey, LLC commits 100% of all Annual Net Profits from sales derived from licensing Fred Beckey™ to environmental causes and mountain conservation; this might also include political contributions."


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"Well, this is gonna be interesting....

The website is https://statisticalclimbingguideforfredbeckey.webador.com/articles and was also posted then deleted on NWHikers.net. The links to the articles don't work for me now.

Prior to the abrupt about-face, I skimmed through Chapter 18 regarding his Army service & discharge. It painted a less than flattering portrait but seemed to have plenty of documentation. 

Mr. Creeden has also posted other interesting historical info on NWHikers.

AI spoof (seems unlikely but wtf knows these days), the heavy hand of moderation, legal threats,  and/or just second thoughts and wanting to save it all for the definitely "not published by the Mountaineers" book? Inquiring minds want to know."


Fred Beckey(TM) https://www.fredbeckeyllc.com/ 

UBI: 604-172-710. "Governing people": Megan Bond.


Just so it's all in one place for posterity and such... 

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13 hours ago, rat said:

It painted a less than flattering portrait

I thought it was pretty fascinating. If anything, it paints a "less than flattering portrait" of the military's policies, not Fred.

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Posted (edited)

Yes, fascinating. The potential duplicity, not the potential acts themselves, is still seems less than flattering in my opinion regardless of the military policy at the time.

I was disappointed not to have made it to the other "controversial" section about the Everest expedition.

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