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Yosemite ratings?


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I think J-tree ratings are harder than Index, Sqeamish, and Valley. Maybe its just that the climbs there are so fuckin funky.


...yeah I too heard Erik got a job, as some sort of pimp for midget prostitutes or was filming and selling midget porn. Regardless, I'm just glad he's gainfully employed now!

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Common understanding: Ratings are largely subjective

i.e. existing only in the someone's mind

i.e. opinion


The more people supplying ratings (major increase in climbing population in the last decade), the more variation in opinion.


i.e. the wider the range of ratings for a comparative type of climbing.


Finis: Yosemite Ratings? Go to Tahquitz, where the YDS got its start, and climb those routes as a baseline. Then go to the Valley to get the a, b, c, d subset. Anything else is conjecture.


Go for aesthetics, and screw the grade!


Best comment yet.

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Order of difficulty from hardest to softest (in my mind):


1. Joshua Tree

2. Index

3. Yosemite

4. Leavenworth (almost the same as Yosemite)


Obviously there is a wide range of ratings in any one area. (say that ten times fast) Still, I feel there is a common thread and a common standard to most areas.


Worst comment EVER!


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specialed said:

freeclimb9 said:

RuMR said:

They do matter if you're trying to gauge what you should jump on the 1st time you arrive at a destination...

Ha! Go for aesthetics, and screw the grade!


Then their wouldn't be anything to talk shit about!!


theres always your mom!!!



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