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Photo Auction to Benefit CascadeClimbers!


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I hope everyone realizes by now that @olyclimber is taking responsibility for supporting the site out of his own pocket.

I had an idea to help out in this regard, namely to print and frame six of my images and auction them in support of the site.  I have set the opening bid prices to give the site a decent donation, while still covering my material costs for printing and framing each image.  I am not charging for my labor, nor delivery of these framed prints to anywhere along I-5, from Bellingham to Seattle.  I'm totally biased, but they look really nice.

It is a bit of a gamble.  I hope this works to generate some income for running the site, but it is up to you all to see if it does!

If you are interested in a particular image, please respond in the thread below and I will track them (I'll try and keep the bids below updated as the prices rise).  I will keep the bidding open for about two weeks, closing at 23:59 on 1/23/23. 

Bids are closed!

Image #1.  Fire on the Mountain.  Sunrise on the Inspiration Icecap. Image is 16"X24" (HxW), total framed size is 27"X33" (HxW).  @Sir Crikalot wins with $200!



Image #2.  Eldorado from Primus. Note the climbers on the summit ridge. Image is 24"X16", total framed size is 31"X25". @bellows wins with $300!



Image #3.  High Summer in the Pickets. Image is 16"X24". Total Framed size is 25"X31".  @Sir Crikalotwins with $360!



Image #4.  Sunrise of McMillan Spires.  Image is 24"X16", total framed size is 31"X25". @Sir Crikalotwins with $360!



Image #5. East Fury Sunrise.  Image is 16"X24". Total Framed size is 25"X31".  MY SISTER ( 😅) wins with $225!



Image #6.  Crowder from Pickell Pass.  Image is 16"X24". Total Framed size is 25"X31".  @Sir Crikalot wins with $175.




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36 minutes ago, OlympicMtnBoy said:

That’s awesome!  Thanks for supporting with your art!

Indeed.  @JasonG  feel free to earmark if you want this to go to certain efforts or whatever. We will make sure this happens.

This whole community is in your debt for this.  But at the same time I would also recognized all the other effort you have put forth to keep this place alive:

  • Stepping up to be a moderator.
  • Being a general advocate for the site.

Much more than this....

But the biggest one in my book:

  • Creating some of the best content this site has ever seen (consistent and numerous high quality trip reports with professional grade photography)

Thank you, you are appreciated. 

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Oh shit, look at that. I won -- a lot.

Gotta say, that is not how I expected this to go down. 

This forum is way too important to let get lost to apathetic disregard, though. Thank you @olyclimber, @JasonG, and everyone who supports this site with moderation, contribution, and representation as an active piece of PNW adventure history.

Let the summer scheming commence!

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