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Trip Report Function Improvement Ideas


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I'd like to start collecting ideas, no matter how simple, of how we can make the Trip Report function better.  People have donated money not only keep this site going, but also to make it better. I'm planning on using some of the money to improve things.  So lets hear some ideas, no matter how simple.  Or any part of the site actually, but I think Trip Reports are the most important part of the site (other than you of course! you're number one always).

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In general I think the TR function works pretty darn well.  That said... here are some things batted around over the years:

- Go into the TR database and fix ones that don't search or render properly?  I forget the issues exactly, but I remember something about this.

-A mapping feature?

-fix photo links on esp. cool reports?  I know you did that for some of Dan's

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I'm thinking of having this function, as an option (not required of course) on a TR: 

the option to upload a GPX or similiar GPS file, and have it display on a map at the bottom of the TR (as well has share the GPX file so others can download it). 

I know not everyone captures this type of info (or even has a GPS at all), but this would be a kind of cool option for those that wanted to do it, and seems like it could be easy to implement...

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