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Its been an amazing summer and I'm still processing mentally some of the TRs that have been flowing in.    Wow.

This is a team effort, so help me or @JasonG identify TR that you think quality for "best of cc.com" or "amazing photos" tags.


Also, if I'm missed any first ascent TRs with the "first ascent" tag please let me know!




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I may have to print up a new batch of Big Baller Club t-shirts to give out!  Remember those?

I think @Colin gave his to his mom, or she took it :laf:    I'm trying to remember who else got them.  Legend @joepuryear may he rest in peace, he got one. @W got one. @Sol got one.   My personal alpine heros, the dynamic duo of Indiana Jones  @lunger and....what do you call him other than @rat ....they got them.

I can't remember if I ever got one to @wayne but if I didn't I should have.  There were others that got them, and then others that should have got them but I just ran out.

Here is Joe wearing his at the 2009 Sausagefest.   What a great human being he was.  He has on one of the very OG ones I hand dyed and printed.





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