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[TR] North Mt Petunia - via Goat Lake 07/31/2022


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Trip: North Mt Petunia - via Goat Lake

Trip Date: 07/31/2022

Trip Report:


Kiba and I continued our tour of dog friendly parts of the Olympic Mountains this past weekend.   Left work and hiked up to Goat Lake in the dark, getting up to the lake at 11:30 PM.  There was a cool breeze running down the steep valley into our faces, and with my headlight on low I couldn't see much, but  I knew once I reached the alpine as the air turned to sweet manna and stilled my heart which was beating out of my chest.


Next morning I fished for a while (well...what I was doing could more accurately be described as "practicing casting in an alpine environment" as my fly casting needs serious work and isn't currently fooling any fish, unless they like getting a pileup of line dropped on to them.  I did get one on, and it was off with my fly quickly as I realized I need to tie an actual fisherman's knot.  

When the wind picked up Kiba and I hiked up the ridge to the north and followed it up to North Petunia, the higher of the two Petunias.  The views into the Royal Basiin and Royal Lake,  of the Needles, Mt Deceptioin,  Mt Fricaba,  Petunia, and the views to the east where we spent last weekend (Buckhorn, Marrmot Pass, Boulder Ridge) and further to Warrior and Constance.  

We headed down to the pass between the two Petunias and thought about going up the other Petunia....but I didn't know what challenges it would present for a dog so I left it for another trip.  Went back down to the lake and spent the rest of the day sleeping in the shade and then more casting practice in the evening.    

The hike out in the daylight revealed that the trail up there is kinda steep.IMG_9024.jpg.c186fe8fd8fb81e0f2cf0088d6e4bcee.jpgIMG_8977.jpg.7b6399f5f7814a8d17c07fec8df895b9.jpgIMG_8992.jpg.63029deffc62fabfa27d2a65e79083b7.jpgIMG_9099.jpg.b041afa9f07d3a99740bb8d96f902a15.jpgIMG_9116.jpg.968cee561b865a239fdd62a7b07829e7.jpgIMG_9178.jpg.b6c8a5caf510da8b6769e26b206f471d.jpgIMG_9211.jpg.c84044cb6c0635c5640ee6d3c3097fe3.jpgIMG_9235.jpg.ce4cc4d60852073526b3307b5b958368.jpg



Gear Notes:
dog and fishing pole

Approach Notes:
straight up from the Dungie


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