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[TR] Red Mountain - the dog route 07/10/2022


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Trip: Red Mountain - the dog route

Trip Date: 07/10/2022

Trip Report:


Hey! I went outside the other day.


Kiba and I scrambled up Red Mountain this past Sunday.   Was going to go on a hike up Denny Creek but there were hundreds of cars down there. Hundreds.

Left the trailhead at like 1pm, and back to the car around 6:30, dawdled the whole way.  Pretty cool position up there, like you're in the Alps looking back down at a European village (Snoqualmie Summit).  Great views up there of Lundin and Thomson, etc.    

Kiba really had a great time, but maybe the best time when we got back down to the snow as he just loves that stuff.  He rolls around in it and zooms around.  Fun hike, would make a great early morning or after work trail run.11DDE8E6-D7CA-4E86-8FEA-EBE415942596.JPG.8fd3d961f459ad232b82dbc5ff877975.JPGIMG_7690.jpg.80c501950146dabc539d5828376f65dd.jpgFC75CFD9-C14D-4BF4-A440-8C4C2071F2C8.JPG.b1b8cd4384f6eb79321425909ad6b63a.JPGD1209561-2265-4C35-B73D-E5C8DD4434E2.JPG.9172a8f5ca26de135b99a11260865b11.JPGIMG_7639.jpg.a75b8b39fb9edc1d8698bbf0ef97d057.jpgIMG_7651.jpg.e992bce0b7ad8bccd3f53986dbf7e11e.jpgIMG_7645.jpg.9e0b2937bdd6f5b50784f48996f21533.jpgIMG_7681.jpg.b64645f7dadd87eee88d4e6e75d6273d.jpg



Gear Notes:
picnic spirit

Approach Notes:
pacific crest trail

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