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Need Rainier partners, July 2022

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I matched with a climbing partner here a bunch of years ago and thought I would try it again.

I am looking for a couple of people who want to climb the Camp Muir Cleaver route on Rainer in July 2022. 

I wrote in to one person on this thread, but then I realized later that he was posting an interest for 2021.  Ooops.

I have been ON Rainier three times, first time with RMI but bad weather turned us around at about 12.5k on the Direct route.

I went back up two more times unguided but a member of our party experienced severe altitude sickness both times at about 12k and I turned us around both times.

I have hiked up Longs peak several times (no snow/ice, but same basic height as Rainier), hiked up some weird ones like Ben Nevis Scotland a few times, Mount Whitney after several years in the lottery, and spent a month in the Himalayas in Nepal two different years, crossing over several 18k+ high mountian passes each time.

I am 56.  I know that the Camp Muir route will be the Cleaver by July.  I would really like to get all the way up after three failed attempts, but if it isn't right, it isn't right.  I just want to, don't NEED to.  I have a new person to mountaineering who is the son of a friend.  He is about 35 and very enthusiastic.  The rest of my climbing partners of the past are no longer available due to new jobs, new babies in the house, etc.

I would love to find two people to fill out the team to go this year.  I am taking my young friend up to Longs Peak in early July to spend some time being high up, Chasm Lake, camping at the Boulder field, summiting at some point, just to see how he does with altitude, and so he can learn what various altitude body cues feel like.  If we are able to form a Rainier team, I am planning on working with my young friend on basics before the trip and making sure he understands the deal.

I do not feel comfortable going up without two more people who have at least some mountaineering experience.  If you are interested please let me know.

Thank you.


Bentley Wall



330-221-7048 cell

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Hello everyone.

I am happy to report that I have made contact with several people to undertake this trip in July.

Thank you for your interest.

I am posting here that the climbing team is now closed.  (June 1, 2022)

Thank you.

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