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Jaysen Niedermeyer

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Hello world, how are you?

I work seasonally and so have the winter off and tend to spend everyday in pursuit of the joys of suffering. I just love it. But you know what makes suffering better? Friends to suffer with! And cookies. Is it even really suffering anymore? Or just life? Currently chasing powder and alpine ice, but if my fingers wouldn't freeze and necrose I would be clinging to something precarious. I am training for The Full West Rib of Denali in the spring and so would love to make mooooooore friends to do zesty routes here in WA, like Liberty Ridge and the Adams Glacier. But more important than the zesty sends is being outdoors as much as possible, so lets link up and tour the sisters, climb the fischers chimneys, triple couloirs, cosley-houston, go skiing at whistler, climb ice at Banks, and do a winter tour of the Enchantments. 

Seattle based, have AWD car. I have all the gear I need to lead anything, 9 screws, 3x trad rack, lots of ropes, pickets, lots of winter/summer tents, full avy gear, ski touring set up, ice tools, pons... I don't have much extra individual gear and am looking for competent partners to follow or swap leads on:

Triple Couloirs, Cabinet Mountains Trip, Gibraltar Ledges, Liberty Ridge, Early Winter Couloir, Fisher Chimneys, Coleman Headwall, Northwest Ice Couloir on Eldorado, Ice Cliff Glacier, Index North Face, Cosley-Houston, Goats Beard. 

I also ski tour and prefer not to walk in or out of climbs/mountains. happy to ski the tight and steeps but prefer longer traverses. 

Don't be shy, happy to teach and lead if you bring sour patch kids: 206819165five


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