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[TR] Skookum Falls - Far Right Wall - center, then left 12/29/2021


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Trip: Skookum Falls - Far Right Wall - center, then left

Trip Date: 12/29/2021

Trip Report:


I managed to get out and climb Skookum Falls with my friend Chris on Wednesday, Dec. 29th.  Full details here: https://rocknropenw.com/2021/12/30/skookum-falls/61cec8370502a_2021-12-2909_29_13.jpg.372c334490d5acd0c177d5c4ecf200ec.jpg61cec80fa54e9_2021-12-2916_10_17.jpg.1494a555fbd61e63d1b35d745078077d.jpg61cec869eed38_2021-12-2911_47_32.jpg.8e49d430b1a19685136115f6a44467b4.jpg

Gear Notes:
4x 16cm screws - used the most
2x 13cm screws - useful, could have used more
1x 10cm screw - really could have used more
7x longer screws - used occasionally, wished half of them had been shorter

Approach Notes:
2 miles of flat easy trail from the Skookum Flats North Trailhead on Forest Road 73


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