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[TR] Yellowjacket Tower - Standard - East 09/12/2021

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Trip: Yellowjacket Tower - Standard - East

Trip Date: 09/12/2021

Trip Report:


After getting rained out beginning our approach to half moon crags in the morning after bailing on attempting ragged edge, K and I shot for Leavenworth for some surely dry times and granite with our sights on something alpiney. We settled on yellowjacket tower because it been on our to-do list of easy climbs. We also wanted to tick it off after bailing last year because a third member did not like the scramble up high given an overfriendly mountain goat. We left the car around 12 and stashed some beers in the river below the bridge crossing. Steep and sandy approach was a bit more effort than anticipated and higher up had to be more careful with sliding and kicking stuff down. We skirted around the chockstone on some scrambling that took a bit of thought with the ample sand then continued the approach to the base of the route on very loose sand, rock, and wood. 

For the first scramble we solo'd to the anchors at the beginning.  Easy climbing with some spaced gear led to the top of P1. Kurt let the pitch to the summit, nice little step up (protectable with a purple tri-cam). On the second rap down, the rope wrapped around the upside down hanging tree and we redid the P1.

Followed a bunch of tree raps down to avoid loose stuff, which was appreciated. Then thigh burner hike down to the river for cool beers by 5:30 followed by tipsy climbing on alphabet rock.

Aint much, but its honest work. Fun day with a bit of everything. Has me stoked to get better to exploratory climb the Icicle/Enchantments High Country! 

P1 (has anyone done that roof?!)





Gear Notes:
singles 0.3-3, nuts, and purple tri-cam (prob don't need half of that)

Approach Notes:
Up the steep sandy slope, lots of loose bits higher up

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Thanks! We left Leavenworth at 7pm and got no traffic on the way back west.

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location of drive
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