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[TR] Bailey Range - Full Bailey Range Traverse + Olympus 07/31/2021

Kyle M

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Trip: Bailey Range - Full Bailey Range Traverse + Olympus

Trip Date: 07/31/2021

Trip Report:


Nick, Sam, Rio and I did a Bailey Range loop through Olympus starting and ending at Sol Duc over 5 days. It measured 61 miles and 26k ft gain. It was incredibly beautiful and rugged, as epic as the Ptarmigan or any other classic North Cascade High Route.

My main beta contribution is that I think there is a better route between Queets Basin and the Humes Glacier. This is purely hypothetical, but I think one could drop to 3300 ft and then ascend relatively bush free river gravel bars up towards the Humes, instead of that henious sidehilling and ravine crossing.

FSJ1C.jpeg.34b12d5f0e3de9c73d605b1ce805a100.jpegBlue shows our route, red are the theoretical better routes.

Glaciers were fine, but do bring real crampons for the bare ice! Crystal Pass route in fine shape.



Gear Notes:
Standard UL backpacking gear, bear can, La sportiva Ultra Raptors, strap on aluminum crampons, ice ax, lightweight glacier gear

Approach Notes:
Sol Duc in and out.
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