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Is there a size limit on photos or topos?


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I have a topo I'm trying to upload which is 50,619 Kb in size. The error is "failed to load". Is there a size limitation?

If so, I can try to find a way, in Photoshop, to reduce the size (I"m already doing "flatten image" of course).

Thank you for any advice!

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If you have the free imaging software "ImageJ", you can reduce the size using the Image-->Adjust-->Size feature. 

It should be possible in Inkscape as well, which is also free. This software is nice for drawing and has some similarities to Photoshop (which I don't have). 



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I am using IrfanView to reduce the size, with its Resize/Resample feature. However, even though the resulting file sizes go very low, they will not upload. Maybe there is something wrong with the way I saved it out from Photoshop; I'll try something some other options. 

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I just used the "Preview" app on my Mac to set the image to 50% of what it was....that seemed to be a good size and the system took it so I guess that is the solution. I did adjust the system so it would take an image the size of the original you sent me and it still didn't work.....DANG COMPUTERS!

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