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What is your opinion on the Treadwall?


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Hey guys and gals,

Recently i came across this picture on the internet. After some sleuthing i found out what it's called and who makes is but i cant find many user reviews. I was wondering what the general opinion is.

Are they any good for training or fun to use? 



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I have used them before.  It does get very monotonous.  But it is a good alternative for doing ARC training if you just put your earbuds in and tune out.  The ability to vary the angle steepness and the speed is very nice.  But overall I wouldn't spend the money to buy one.

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The gym around the corner from me has one. I dinked around with it for a few years but, yeah, it got boring. That is until I talked to the owners and they cleared me to start bringing in my own holds. I have since put up 50+ holds and regularly move them around. Of course it's not as exciting as "real" climbing, but I can walk up the street and climb for an hour in any weather, at nearly any time,  without needing a partner or any gear besides my shoes. I actually enjoy climbing on the treadwall, but it does usually require tunes and perhaps smokables for long sessions. It's a great way to be able to train to exhaustion without any exposure. I'd love to have one of my own but they can run 5-10K  and you need a room with at least 10' ceilings, so having one at the gym is ideal.

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I got a used one recently but haven't set it up yet. I assumed it would be monotonous, but I'm OK with that. I need to modify my garage ceiling to make it fit. I'll try to update the thread after 10k feet of climbing.

Eric Horst mentions it in his book "Climbing for Training" and he has one.  Josh Wharton and his wife have and use one according to Training for the New Alpinism. Sasha Dijiulian I think has one too. I can probably claim to be the weakest climber in NA (the world?) to have their own treadwall.

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