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Cleaned out two different book shelves and are passing these books on to anyone interested. I live in North Ravenna in NE Seattle.
The climbing guides are generally a few decades old. I have photos of the covers if you are looking for something specific

101 Hikes in the North Cascades by Ira Spring and Harvey Manning


102 Hikes in the Alpine Lakes South Cascades, And Olympics by Ira Spring and Harvey Manning


Visitor’s Guide to Ancient Forests of Western Washington


Best Hikes with Children in Vermont, New Hampshire and Main by Cynthia and Thomas Lewis


The Smiling Country – a history of the Methow Valley by Sally Portman


French Rock Climbs by Martin Atkinson (to be clear – this is about climbing in France and not Frenchman’s Coulee)


Vantage Rock – compile by Matthew Stanley


Shards of Blue – A guide to Ice Climbing in New England by Peter Cole and Rick Wilcox




The Washington Desert A Climber’s Guide by John Eminger and Jon Kittel


Northwest Mountain Weather by Jeff Renner


How to Rock Climb by John Long


Face Climbing by John Long


Freedom of the Hills 5th Edition


The Climbing Art – Literature poetry and art for and about the spirit of climbing


On Mountains – Thinking about terrain by John Jerome


Ski Faster, Easier by Lee Borowski


The Avalanche Book by Betsy Armstrong and Knox Williams


Surviving Denali – A study of Accidents on Mt McKinley by Jonathan Waterman


The Games Climbers Play – A collection of Mountaineering Writing – Edited by Ken Wilson


Field Guide to Snow Crystals by Edward LaChapelle


Snow Sense – A guide to evaluating snow avalanche hazard by Jill Fredston and Doug Fesler


Snowboard Know-How by Christof Weiss


Everest The Testing Place by John West MD


Climber’s Guide to the Olympic Mountains


Leavenworth Rock Climbs by Viktor Kramar (white cover)


A Climber’s Guide to Washington Rock by Don Brooks and David Whitelaw (brown cover)


Backcountry Skiing in Washington’s Cascades by Rainer Burgdorfer (1st edition)


Bicycling with Children – A complete How-To Guide – by Trudy Bell


Cross Country Ski Tours 1 Washington’s North Cascades by Tom Kirkendall and Vicky Spring


Cross Country Ski Tours 2 Washington’s South Cascades and Olympics by Tom Kirkendall and Vicky Spring


Breakthrough on Skis – How to get out of the Intermediate Rut by Lito Tejada-Flores


Ski Skating with Champions – “How to Ski with Least Energy” by Einar Svensson


Exit 32 – North Bend Rock – by Bryan Burdo (tan cover)


Rock Climbing Washington – A Falcon Guide - by Jeff Smoot


Exit 32 Rock Climbing Guide by Garth Bruce (spiral bound w/ photo on cover)


Exit 38 North Bend Sport Climbs by Bryan Burdo (spiral bound w/ photo on cover)


100 Best Routes on Scottish Mountains by Ralph Storer


Avalanche Safety for Skiers and Climbers by Tony Daffern


Cross-Country Downhill by Steve Barnett (3rd edition, revised and enlarged w/ Steve on skinny skies and steep slope)


Stretching by Bob Anderson


Snowboard – PSIA teaching manual of American Teaching System


Nordic - PSIA teaching manual of American Teaching System




A Step Beyond: A Definitive Guide to Ultrarunning Edited by Don Allison






Edited by RichardKorry
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