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Climbing with invisalign - tips?

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So I just started with invisalign and as those who have gone through it (or still are) know, you need to keep them in for a recommended 22 hrs/day. I've found random blog posts on how to manage them when you're out backpacking. What I'm trying to figure out is how to manage a full-day multipitch climb, or a glacier climb, or any other activity when you need to eat on-the-go or quickly down a couple bites, especially if one or both hands are needed for rope management, etc.

The only work around I can come up with is to just leave the trays in and eat very soft foods (like soft cheese or energy gels or shot blox) that won't crack the trays as you (carefully) chew. On long, strenuous days I need to have some protein and fat--just having sugary energy gels doesn't provide enough long-term fuel. Those small peanut butter or almond butter packets that also have honey or maple syrup (Justin's is one brand) could work. The drawback is that you then have food/sugar residue between the tray and teeth all day until you get a chance to brush and clean. But maybe that's only an issue if you do that for several days in a row or your teeth are more prone to accumulating plaque.

Anyone have good tips? I suspect that they wouldn't exactly be orthodontist-approved, but in this case I think it's a matter of trade-offs.



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