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      Thanks for visiting Cascadeclimbers.com.   Yep, we are still going!    Just put a new coat of paint on the site. Still the same old community of climbers, skiers, and people who love to get outdoors. Hope you had a great 2021, and wish you the best for 2022 and beyond.  Thanks again for stopping by.

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The season has come where the rock is wet, skis are worthless, and ice has yet to grow, if it ever does. Behold, the best collection of dry tooling in the Pacific Northwest! 

Mik Metzler leading Chewbaccerotica D7

Over the past 10 months we have trundled, scrubbed, and fully bolted 25 routes from D4-D8. We are also working on an advanced crag holding 8 or so routes from D8-D12. These routes are nothing like the slab, mud, and road cuts you have tried.

Tom Beirne on a repeat ascent of Piña Coladas With Palpatine D7

This is the beginning of bringing the PNW into the future, and if you haven’t been here yet you are in for a treat. All routes are accessible to TR access with bolted stainless anchors with stainless wire gates. We expect that some may not be able to complete routes, so you can TR through these wire gates. We want you to try anything without concern for having to leave your gear behind as popularity and skill for the sport grows. They are your anchors! All of the thousands of dollars of hardware was generously donated through hundreds of donations from the community. When the anchor biners need replacing, we will all be overjoyed to replace them. 


Jen climbing during the second Ladypolooza women’s event

Currently as the season is picking up, there are about 2-3 groups out at Wayne’s World/Darkside every weekend, and a few groups during the week and development continues. We monitor and fix issues usually in a few days. 7 routes on the main wall have had new dry-static ropes installed (generously donated!) for fast access to route anchors. 


Joanne enjoys the new extension of Party Time! Excellent! D6

If you have questions or concerns, or looking for a partner you may contact me directly. We also have a community FB page SeattleMixed Climbing to see FA’s, condition reports, and developing updates and new routes are available. 

Kyle Willis






Tom Beirne during development (and sent!) of Boaty McBoatface D9-10



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15 hours ago, bedellympian said:

By PNW I think you mean the Seattle/WesternWA area... Various spots in Oregon and Eastern WA have had this going on for a while :wink:

Lincoln Park has about 6 routes from M4 to M7. The crags I am aware of in Oregon do not have readily available route information (or secretive), poor hardware issues, close proximity to free climbing areas and people complaining about that, or Illumination Rock. All searches for Rocky Butte DT yield broken Cc.com links and mentions of it existing, but that is all. 

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Thanks for all the hard work you've put into the area. Haven't checked it out yet but I plan to. Seems stiffer than the cougar mountain/black ice crags... I'll definitely be top roping B|

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Literally just getting into dry tooling, and it seems I couldn't have picked a better time. Thanks so much for all your hard work! I'll definitely be hitting these up. 

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