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[TR] South Sister - Up-Down-Swimmin' Around 08/05/2020


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Trip: South Sister - Up-Down-Swimmin' Around

Trip Date: 08/05/2020

Trip Report:

Tyler and I had a really fun day out on and around South Sister, full of: walking, trotting/cantering, scree pawing, scree skiing, boot skiing, serious-ass-abrasion glissading, lake swimming, shoe-emptying, and only a small amount of shivering. 

We went up the south side trail in good time, did the apparently-mandatory loop around the crater rim, slid down the NW side, and swim-traversed* nine lakes. Carver Lake, our last one, numbed our throats and we were very very glad it wasn't wider to cross. We got back on trail on the NE side of the mountain and looped back around to the car (distant thunderstorms with lightning provided some entertainment). A bit under 11 hours round-trip.

*Depending on size of lake, air and water temperatures, and level of stoke, we fully swam across a couple of the lakes, while we swam across sizeable or not-sizeable corners of others.

Photos that don't have Tyler in them: photo credit to Tyler. Also, route name: credit to Tyler.


First lake, pre-summit, was fantastic!









Gear Notes:
Dorky running vest was pleasant to hike/run and swim in, but dry bag was essential for electronics and jackets. I opted for no poles, so gloves were great for the scree descent. "Crossover" pavement-trail running shoes actually worked well, not too much sloshy foot stuff or any hot spots. Goop was key. Ankle/baby gaiters would have been great for the scree....

Approach Notes:
South side/Devil's Lake TH
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21 hours ago, adventure43 said:

Looks like a blast going down the NW ridge. You two are brave to swim in Carver Lake. Glad you only got cold and not sick. Carver Lake looks like liquid scree to me.

We were wondering why it looks so different -- and like it does -- from all the others...

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