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[TR] Pasayten Wilderness - Tatoosh Buttes - Ptarmigan Peak - Lago 07/08/2020

Kyle M

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Trip: Pasayten Wilderness - Tatoosh Buttes - Ptarmigan Peak - Lago

Trip Date: 07/08/2020

Trip Report:
Last week, Anthony Marra Danny Bradley and I ran an incredible 42 mile, 11k gain loop in the Pasayten Wilderness. Took us 14 hours. We started at Slate Pass, ran down the Middle Fork for a long ways, traversed the ridge from Tatoosh Buttes over Ptarmigan Peak to Mt. Lago, then back out. The ridge between Dot and Lago has some class 3, and is very aesthetic and fun. It was the quintessential Pasayten experience, with broad valleys, wildflower meadows, epic ridges, tundra, and a helluva lot of blowdowns. To me, this was one of the most wild and stunning routes I have ever done. Bless that Pasayten magic.
The Middle Fork Pasayten trail has a ton of blowdowns past the Fred's Lake turnoff. Tatoosh Butte trail is fine, once you get above the burn. Descent down Lago sucked.
Middle Fork Pasayten from Tatoosh Buttes.
Cruising along the buttes.
Magical trail.
Running down Ptarmigan Peak.
Dropping off Dot Mountain.
Epic tarn on south side of Ptarmigan.
Dot Lakes.
Final ridge to Lago.
Lago summit.
Sunset near Slate Pass.
Gear Notes:
Trail running gear.

Approach Notes:
20 ft up to Slate Pass, and then down down down!
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