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Rainier summit ski 6/27—7/10

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Hi Everyone, 

I'm looking for a partner(s) to Ski/climb off the Rainier summit sometime between 6/27 — 7/10. Open to an overnight(s) or a monster sufferfest kind of day. (I'll be driving in from out of town, but my timing is very flexible to hit some solid weather) I'd also be open to joining a group with a similar objective if you wouldn't mind including an extra.

A bit of background on me: 

Climbing-wise, I'm a bit of a newbie but I have climbed/skied Mt. Baker, glaciated peaks in BC, and a number of the skiable glaciated subpeaks in the Fitzroy Range in Patagonia. I've never been on Rainier though and don't have experience leading. 

In a perfect world, I'd pair up with a person or group with more glacier / route finding experience than me.

Ski-wise, I have a ton of experience. I would be happy to ski as spicy or unspicy of a line as anyone would be interested in.  (I also design the US Ski Team's race suits for a living, which is a fun project) 

Fitness-wise, I can hold my own and would be happy to go at whatever pace you'd want unless you are trying to set a land speed record, then I'm probably not your guy. (Once upon a time I was ranked top 100 in the world in long-distance triathlon, but that was a long time ago [I'm 36 now] but I do I tend to enjoy type 2 fun. Also, I don't use a hyper lightweight setup as I tend to want to prioritize the "down".) 

Gear-wise, I have everything besides a tent, stove and rope. But I'm willing to purchase / pick those up.

Conditions-wise, I'm sure that this is pretty late in the year for something like this, but hey it's 2020! 

In exchange I can offer a number of comical stories and at least 2 belly laugh jokes : )

Thanks and cheers!

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