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Ski Touring & Paddling Gear Blow-out


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Getting rid of a bunch of ski touring great I haven't used in a while.  All the gear is in great shape and ready to be passed on to someone who is getting out far more than I am.  

  1. Brooks Range Scientist 35 Snow Saw for sale.  Haven't used in a few years & mostly carried in the pack.  

    See a review here: https://www.stockalpine.com/posts/brooks-range-scientist-35-snow-saw-review.html

    $35 + shipping

  2. IMG_5773.jpg

  3. Brooks Range Ultralight Rescue Sled for sale, never used.  

    See a review here, but this lets you quickly set up a workable rescue sled with the injured persons gear if you need a evacuate someone from the backcountry.

    See the review here:  https://www.backcountryskiingcanada.com/Brooks-Range Ultralite Rescue Sled-Review

    Looking for $100+shipping

  4. IMG_5771.jpg

  5. Brooks Range Snow Study Kit and Cards for sale, carried but never used.  

    Organizer for all your snow study gear.  Includes a set of handy reference cards & a gridded plate for snow analysis.  $35 + shipping

  6. IMG_5777.jpg


  7. Brooks Range Ultralight Rutshblock Cord for sale, carried but never used.  

    Looking for $20+shipping

  8. IMG_5772.jpg

  9. BCA Tracker Beacon  

    Older BCA Tracker Beacon.  No chest harness and no guarantee the thing works.  Last time I used it was as a target for beacon practice and it worked well then (2-3years ago)

    Looking for $40+shipping

  10. IMG_5774.jpg

  11. G3 240 SpeedTech Avalanche Probe.  

    Depth marks for use in a snow study setup & sturdy but lightweight aluminum construction.  

    Looking for $40+shipping

  12. IMG_5770.jpg

  13. LowePro Top-loading Camera Bag for SLR .  Fits an SLR camera and allows for secure chest-carry for all of you adventure photographers.   $30+shipping

  14. IMG_5751.jpg



  15. Outdoor Research Alti Mittens

    Mens Medium, used but rarely so in good shape.  Mainly carried in the pack for rest stops.  

    Looking for $100+shipping

  16. IMG_5754.jpg



  17. Patagonia Lotus Designs Paddling Top / Rashguard

    Mens Large, used but rarely so in good shape.  Smooth windproof exterior and light fleece lining makes it great for cooler days on the water.  I have another one that is still going strong and just want some more room in the gear closet.  

    Looking for $35+shipping





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Misc crampon and ski touring parts and accessories:

  1. Set of 5 titanium pitons - $65
  2. DMM Snarg - $20
  3. Dynafit Tri-Step Toe piece (in case of emergencies on multi-day tours) - $40
  4. Assorted crampon parts and rear bails (as expiation spares) - $10 each


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