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review Old Dyneema Sling Strength

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Came across this Youtube channel and found some really interesting stuff.  This one in particular caught my attention as I have some older dyneema  slings.  Surprising how much more quickly the strength degrades compared to nylon (he tests some 30 year old nylon slings in other videos).  I know 10kN is still pretty strong but slings are cheap.




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Well sure slings are "cheap" but if you replace 12 60cm and ~3 120cm runners it adds up!

The 8mm contact slings always felt like floss, 10-12mm is still pretty trim (especially compared with nylon) and probably doesn't degrade as quickly as the 8mm. The 12mm also seem to be a bit cheaper as you can get some brands like Singing Rock or CAMP etc on sale.

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I went to back to using double 9/16" nylon slings for belay anchors with the mindset that that they do not lose as much strength as dyeenma when knotted and can be replaced frequently because they are pretty inexpensive. These pull tests validate that thinking. 

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