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Home climbing walls and training setups

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Since we're mostly stuck at home and lots of us have installed climbing walls or training apparatus of some sort I thought it would be fun to share what we have going on... maybe give each other some ideas for what we can do to stay fit during this time.

Here's what I'm currently using:

My wife and I got a squat rack a few years ago, which may not be reasonable purchase for some right now, but how we improvised to hang various rings and straps off it may be helpful. I also duct-taped some foam around the pull-up bar so I had a slide-able pad to hook ice tools on and there is a carabiner through the gymnast rings' webbing so you can clip the head of an ice tool to that for incline pull-ups and such.


We use an old coffee table that is quite sturdy as a step-up box.


Obviously the hangboard is key, with motivational picture cut out of old climbing rags and a hardware store screw-in hook in the top of the door frame to allow weight reduction on things like one arm hangs.


Since my hangboard is very simple, but I also wanted to train pinches, I used some scrap wood and attached an old hook to it so I could add weight. IMG-9428.thumb.JPG.7014bc698d588b52b919305d0232432b.JPGIMG-9429.thumb.JPG.be4ec80281530a6325fbd34a2df0602d.JPG

Finally, I built a plice board ala Will Gadd https://www.blackdiamondequipment.com/en_US/experience-story?cid=will-gadd-how-to-build-plice which also has wood slats that are smooth enough to crimp on without getting splinters and attached it to a (bigger and stronger than it looks) tree in the backyard with just a slight overhang. Cost about $75 for materials. Attachment to the tree is the crux, I went with 6" lag screws through pressure treated 2x6 and built off of that. 


Curious to see what others have done. Looking forward to getting more ideas!


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If you have an attic the rafters work well.  I just screwed in long lag screws but left the head out about 1".  Then I slot the hole in the ice tool head over the screw head.  Doesn't help your technique but it sure works out the arms!  I have been doing 90 sec circuits followed by 4.5min rest (repeat 6 times for about a 30 min power endurance workout)

I tried to upload a 5 sec video clip but it just puts it as a file you have to download (IMG_2251.mp4).  But below is a screen shot from the video.


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