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Looking for a simple altimeter watch


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do you want a barometer or GPS based altimeter watch?  or both?

You may not like this answer but maybe just use your smartphone for gps based altitude?  Maybe you could make the display large font?  some app?

If you really want a watch display, maybe a iphone to iwatch app?

I am with you on the small screen problem. 


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There are about a zillion watch designs  out, just need something simple and to

me practical. Only time, and altitude, I really want at a reasonable price, --- to judge rate of travel and navigation aid, a very tough watch.

It seems some of the pilot watches may work, i will keep looking.

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Something like this watch, but modern at reasonable price, scratch proof, not too big and

heavy.  One time zone, altimeter and maybe one alarm time. Cool name, it can be analog or digital display.  Old school  simple navigation aid. 

A real climber watch must be very tough ,  that occasional hand jam, will destroy a watch.

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