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[TR] Big Bear! - Brushtissima 11/11/2019

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Trip: Big Bear! - Brushtissima

Trip Date: 11/11/2019

Trip Report:

With all this attention on the NW couloir on Eldorado the past few weeks, Kit and I succeeded on a smash and grab ascent of BIG BEAR! last weekend.   @Kit is in the midst of a noble mission to climb all the Cascadian peaks visible from his office in Everett and I'm well, I'm just a bit "special".  We happened to catch it in "near perfect" conditions, I am happy to report, and suspect others may be lining up during the next fine weather spell this week.  The ankle biting huckleberry have shed their leaves, leaving them only 50% as annoying as they are in high summer.  And, most all the snow is gone, meaning one shouldn't worry about tiring themselves out kicking steps up straightforward snow slopes.  To top it off, all of the flagging has been eaten by deer, meaning that a "fair means" ascent is nearly guaranteed.  Why this brushy beast isn't more popular, I'll never know. 

Or, maybe it is popular?  There is no register so it is tough to figure how many people are as "savvy" as us.  All I know is that the 4130 isn't going to get less brushy in the next few years, so if you want either Liberty or BIG BEAR! in the next lifetime or two, you'll want to go now.  Just don't expect flagging or the Instagram hordes to show you the way.

The Brushtissima on BIG BEAR! (actually not that bad):


@Kit working up the ridge above the "Moffitt Step":


I just needed an eagle:


Typical terrain:




Tahoma, but you knew that:


Interesting angle on Hall, Big Four, Columbia, etc:


The air was exceptionally clear, Everett and Kit's office standing out:


The final few feet to the summit of Big Bear:


East to Dakobed and Pugh above Exfoliation Dome:


Anybody home on 3 Fingers?


Jumbo, the slabbage patch, and Ulalach:


Liberty from the summit:


Squire Creek valley and its namesake walls:


Gear Notes:
eye protection, leather gloves, whiskey. Ice axe, crampons, and helmet some part of the year.

Approach Notes:
I somehow deleted my GPX track, not that it will help you much. Just look at the image in the TR for an idea of where to go. Just make sure you don't miss the Moffitt Step!

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damn near centrally located in the darring-town slabbage meca.  You can see exfo dome and squire creek wall.  and several other slabbages also!


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Ok party people, finally added captions to this and the Liberty TR!

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