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      Thanks for visiting Cascadeclimbers.com.   Yep, we are still going!    Just put a new coat of paint on the site. Still the same old community of climbers, skiers, and people who love to get outdoors. Hope you had a great 2021, and wish you the best for 2022 and beyond.  Thanks again for stopping by.

idea Playing Cards For Cimbing

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I wanted to get this out to the climbing community. I am working on producing rock climbing themed playing cards where I have replaced all of the traditional suits of Clubs, Diamonds, Spades, and Hearts with trad gear Pitons, Cams, Nuts, and Hexes. I also have re-illustrated all of the face cards.

My personal favorite is replacing the Joker with The Free soloist. Would love any input.

Here is my website: www.mtncards.cc

Here is the pre-order link for the first run of decks. As of posting I have 58 decks sold and need to sell 365 decks to fund the first run. Any support is greatly appreciated. I am happy to answer any questions.




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Really cool idea.  The joker replacement is awesome!  The piton is definitely my favorite suit.  I am definitely going to order up a set!

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