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Spring Mtn


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Climbed Romantica on 6/29 with Der Rat; it was a little scruffy but cleaner than anything left of the spring—most everything over there looked pretty damn mossy, at least compared to the last time I was there, which was apparently TEN years ago.  Though the boulders in the forest clearly DO get a lot of traffic though, they were scrubbed spotless and the trail that far was totally beat in.  It kind of disappeared under vegetation after that. 

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Great crag, but to keep it climbable you'd need to spray the whole thing down with moss killer (non-toxic variety, of course). 

In reality, it will probably be one of those places that gets 'discovered' by a new generation of climbers every 20 years or so.

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I know this is an old thread, but I just signed up to the forum and am planning to explore spring mountain this year. I visited late season last year, must have been October or November. The trail was plenty easy to navigate, but the starts to OST and eroctica were mossy and dripping wet. Looking up, it looked like the climbs looked dry once you got up the first 30 feet. We didn't climb that day, but I really would like to do a couple of the bigger climbs this year.

Hoping I can report back to this thread in a few months with some good news/report.

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Most of the popular routes are free of moss and debris, especially in the amphitheater area which gets full afternoon sun. Even the shaded stuff down the ends isn't bad by September. The crux of that place is the mosquitoes, visiting anytime before mid-August is a real roll of the dice with those bloodsuckers.  Being in the Tri-Cities I like heading down there in late summer, early fall and never had any problems with dirty routes the past couple years. 

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not sure if dustin is referring to oregon's spring mt. or washington's but as of yesterday, the other side of the tracks was not "free of moss and debris". that said, it climbed better than it looked. someone has re-grubbed a good portion of the approach trail, perhaps as a covid clampdown project, so maybe a renaissance is in the works. 

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