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[TR] LIBERTY - The path of freedom 06/01/2019

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Trip: LIBERTY - The path of freedom

Trip Date: 06/01/2019

Trip Report:


Sometimes you see a mountain enough that it must be climbed.  Such was the case for @Kit and I and this mountain called Liberty.  Both of us have been driving by it for more years that we care to think about. That, and who doesn't want to be free??


Despite the reports of horrendous brush, washed out roads, and failed attempts, we were smitten.  What is wrong with us?  Well, we don't have time to cover all that here.  But, if Liberty is wrong, I don't want to be right!  It helped that we happened to stumble upon an actual pleasant route up and down the peak, with minimal brush. Really!  I even recorded a track for all you obsessive P2K baggers out there.  So go get it before the brush reclaims the 4130 road once again..... 

The massive south face of Three Fingers:




@Kit crossing the South Fork of Canyon Creek:


Pretty reasonable actually:


The upper part of Liberty:


The view north into the Slabbage Patch:


I remember some good trundling down this face in about 1994:


We only used the rope for a short rap on the way down:




More South face of Three Fingers


Who doesn't love LIBERTY??!!


and lots of solitude?


And blown out roads?


And blown up stuff?



Gear Notes:
We brought a rope and used it in a couple places to rap on the way down, mainly because we had it. We didn't rope for the two 4th class bits on the way up. It is actually likely better after the snow is gone and the crossing of Canyon Creek low.

Approach Notes:
Walk 4130 for 4 miles or so until you intersect the GPX track I've posted. It will serve you well to the summit and back. A couple more years and the road will be totally brushed in and very annoying. Go now!  LIBERTY!!!!! 6_1_19 8_30_51 AM.gpx

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slabbage photos are enticing.  I think I can spot squire creek wall, roan wall.  others in foreground?


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Well, shoot....looks like the GPX didn't upload.  Will try again tonight..... (and add captions)

Yeah @genepires, that photo with Three Fingers and Whitehorse has all those walls, with Green Giant Buttress in the foreground.

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OK....GPX now there at the bottom of the original post!

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Pretty neat that you guys ran into Alex Honnold! 


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2 hours ago, Bronco said:

Pretty neat that you guys ran into Alex Honnold! 

:lmao:  The audio would only confirm how right you are there @Bronco!

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