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Very lightly used beginner rack, and large set of climbing holds


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Just as I was getting going in the climbing world, I move away from my climbing partner/mentor and started a small family.    Now, a handful of years later, I realize that this type of climbing is not going to be part of my life, so I should probably re-allocate my resources to something more appropriate.  As such, there may be some material here that could be of use to you!

All of the gear here has been very lightly used and properly stored while in my possession. (6-8 years):  stable “cellar” type temperatures, binned away from sunlight/pests, and nothing but mild jostling while organizing or moving, and none of them have taken loads more than static body-weight – no leader falls. 

Here’s a scale to indicate the condition of these pieces:

1 – Brand new, never been placed/used.

2- Essentially brand new, placed once or twice, no falls.

3 – bought used, previous treatment unknown; light use, if any, with me.






1x Wild Country #3 Friend (purple) – 2 - $20

1x Wild Country #2 Friend (red) – 2 - $20

1x Wild Country #1.5 Friend (silver) - $20

1x Metolius #1 Cam (blue) – 1 - $20

1x Metolius #2 Cam (yellow) – 2 - $20

1x Metolius #3 Cam (orange) – 1 - $20

1x Black Diamond Ice Screw 9cm – 1 - $20

1x Black Diamond Ice Screw 12cm – 1 - $20

13x Set of nuts, mostly Metolius – 3 - $5

6x Set of Hexes (cord never weighted, some not tied) – 3 – $5

1x Metolius Syncro Gear Sling – ½ - $10

3x Yates Screamers  – 1  -  $10ea

5x bolt hangers – 2 - $5

116x Set of climbing holds of various sizes and types.   Representative sampling shown in the picture.   Mostly from 3-Ball Climbing.  58 cap screws included.  - $50 (that’s a great deal on the cap screws alone!)


Individually, that’s $265.   Buy it all in one go and I’ll round it down to $250.


I can meet anywhere in the Portland area. 









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