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[TR] Mt. Hood - North Face Right Gully 01/02/2019

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Trip: Mt. Hood - North Face Right Gully

Trip Date: 01/02/2019

Trip Report:

New year new objectives!  Plans, partners, and conditions finally aligned for the north face of Hood.  I parked at Timberline and my friend drove us to Tilly Jane.  12am sharp we were on the trail.  The approach to the A-Frame was super mellow and took us slightly over an hour.  From there we followed a well compacted path to the carin on Cooper Spur.  The snow on the glacier was boot deep most of the way.  Not bad conditions at all. By 4:20 we stopped at about 8500 feet to nap because none of us got any sleep the day before.


Sleeping at the base of Cooper 30


At 5:50 my partner woke me up.  I'm pretty sure I was hypothermic but that nap felt soooo good.  The slog up to the base of the route uneventful but the sunrise was well worth it.



We crossed to the right of the bergschrund.  The snow was kind of spooky but it went with ease.5c2e7ca1c7f6a_bergscgrundcond.thumb.JPG.7a850c56d8f561e1ef619d548a2ca3b1.JPG

After some more slogging we got on the first ice step.  It felt WI2-3ish overall.  After about 50 meters of climbing I made a belay with a screw and picket.  5c2e7d703828d_firsticestep.thumb.JPG.e03b041dd13a721187982014a3630f95.JPG

First ice step


Me leading up the step

The snow between the ice steps was quite pleasant.  We comfortably soloed through it, kicking in deep if we needed to rest. 


Here's the second ice step.  It felt pretty easy as well.  WI2 probably.  

A few hundred more feet of slogging brought us to Cathedral Spire.  It looked like a fun climb for another day.   Climbing up one of those cracks looked compelling and fun.spire.thumb.jpg.8b26e2e27ccf3ee05a900c7b375b63cc.jpg



What the snow looked like


Summit pyramid.  At the summit pyramid we faced the first alpine ice we had seen on the entire route.  Opting not to simu-solo, we unroped for the last stretch.  Pulling the summit cornice was bittersweet.  Throughout the entire route we faced no wind, relatively mild temperatures, and perfect visibility.  When we got to the summit, it was a different story.  It was a total whiteout, icy wind made everything freeze, and things got pretty damn cold.  We decided to descend the old chute because the pearly gates were iced up.  We made it down in record slow time, mistaking ice formations for buildings and people a number of times.  The descent to Palmer had very little snow, it was mostly these ice rock things.  Our lack of sleep was finally catching up to us.  When we got to the car, I began seeing imaginary hot air balloons and large apartment buildings.  Overall though, it was an exceptional trip.  The snow was great.  The ice was great.  Even the approach was pretty mellow and fun.  All in all it took us about 15 hours including the impromptu nap time.  I honestly have no idea when we got to the summit.  It was a fun but relatively easy romp up the mountain.5c2e8407cbe38_icedout.thumb.jpeg.695ff7cd48306ecedbe09443c7c4660c.jpeg

here's what the descent conditions looked like

Gear Notes:
4 Screws 2 Pickets

Approach Notes:
Follow the trail, descent at the carin
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Very nice. I once had the opposite on a trip on the north side. Windy the whole trip up the hill. Once on the summit it was gone.

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Just climbed this route yesterday (1/13/19) and it's still in great shape.  Thanks for the beautiful trip report and inspiration!

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