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What bindings are people rocking right now?


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It's amazing how many companies are making tech bindings now in some form. Other than the standard Dynafit what are people liking? Have people had much success using Binding Freedom or Quiver Killers with two different hole patterns? 

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I quiver killer all my skis.  

they're a stronger attachment, but also make it dangerously easy to add skis and/or bindings to the stable.  


example: dps skis with g3 touring or kingpin resort bindings.  same or different boots.


original plan was to balance tech and tele.  tele is all but out, but getting the right tech binding is nice.  


adding skis now only costs the off-season discount and no need for more than one binding; and I always have the best ski for the conditions.  

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ATK race bindings rebranded as Movement bindings. Almost perfectly happy with their performance. Only bit I don't like is the release tab in front is not cup shaped, so it's difficult to depress it with a ski pole tip.  $275 at Telemark Pyrenees right now!

I have never prereleased from these. But I have come out of them when I needed to. When you buy them you pick your DIN setting.  145 grams. 

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