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      Thanks for visiting Cascadeclimbers.com.   Yep, we are still going!    Just put a new coat of paint on the site. Still the same old community of climbers, skiers, and people who love to get outdoors. Hope you had a great 2021, and wish you the best for 2022 and beyond.  Thanks again for stopping by.
dave schultz

for sale Moving to Japan - need to thin the closet

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Various BD ice turbo express ice screws (all have a knob), 13, 16, 19cm.  SOLD.

Totem Cams, Blue to Orange.  WELL used, definitely fallen on.  SOLD.


2016 Mammut 8.7mm single/double/twin.  40m @ $60.  50m @ $75.  60m @ $90.  70m @ $105.  ONLY reason I am selling is to try and reduce my rope quiver due to moving to Japan. 


2012 Sterling Nano 7.8 twins.  60m, both for $50.  Definitely near the end of their life based on age, but they have been well cared for and only used in winter or long, steep rock routes requiring many rappels.  I would / will continue to personally use for another winter and next summer to give you an idea on how much life I think they have left.  


200 foot static 9mm haul rope.  never been used.  $75.  


26.5 shell / 26.0 liner Dynafit GAIA boot.  never been punched.  four buckle.  Bought for wife, didn't fit.  Trying to get rid of these.  $10.  


2009 Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet, blue, moderate use - $20


2014 Arcteryx B360 Harness with middle gear loop removed, used, a year of heavy use, a few of light use left. - $35


LOTS of retired rope of various lengths, dog leashes, training stuff, rugs, etc. - $0.20 per foot


ATC x 1,  good shape - $5


2009 Black Diamond Womens Harness, a year or two or light/moderate use left (only due to age), looks new and was never heavily used - $10


Pair of android leashes for current gen BD Cobra or previous gen Viper (may work with current gen Viper, but I cannot confirm) - $10 each ($15 for the pair)


2012 DPS Lotus 120 hybrid 190cm ski, drilled with several quiver killers.  Probably best to meet in person to make sure your bindings will fit.  Size 13/30.5 boot.  $100


Women's Medium  Helly Hansen Ski Pants (white) (wife's, they are in good shape, we're just going in a different direction with her pants).  $25


2012 Marmot Women's Medium PRECIP full side zip hardshell pants.  Excellent shape, just going a different direction.  


Pics available upon request.


Moving to Japan and need to thin the closet.  Will probably continue adding to this list.  


Deals made to move this stuff to a home that will use it.


Located in Everett, easily get around the general area from Seattle to Bellingham.






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updated for sold items.

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Arcteryx Silo 40 Ski Pack.  $60.  Awesome big ski touring pack, I just don't have a need for it anymore.  


Men's Large Mountain Hardware lightweight down jacket, no hood.  OLD.  $15


Men's Large Arcteryx Venta softshell jacket.  Awesome jacket, just too heavy for me and I don't really ski at the resort.  Excellent condition.  $75


Mont-bell Ultra Light Super Spiral Down Hugger #3 (30-degree).  Well used, still in great shape.  Looking to sell and upgrade to their newer 900 fill version.  $200


Mont-bell Ultra Light Super Spiral Down Hugger #1 (15 degree).  Less than 10 nights, excellent shape.  Same deal as above, $350.


Mont-bell Ultra Light Down Hugger #5 (50 degree).  Well used, good shape.  I've switched to half bags and quilts for summer, no need for this bag.  $50.  

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Going to Japan and don't want to take 20 lbs of books with me .... 


Mostly looking to avoid throwing them away.  If you'd like them to donate to an organization, or know of an organization that would take them, let me know and I'll let these go for no cost.  Sale price is only to justify my time to move them, to avoid just throwing them away.  




5 x bear books about attacks, history, etc.  $2 each of all for $5.


Collection of Mountaineers Books $3 each:

free heel skiing

Gym Climbing

Climbing (training for peak performance)

Climbing (from gym to crag)


General, all-purpose books, $3 each

The Mountaineering Handbook

Complete Guide to Ski Touring and Ski Mountaineering

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Can I have pics of:


Women's Helly Hansen Ski Pants

Marmot Women's Medium PRECIP full side zip hardshell pants





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Could I get pics for:

2016 Mammut 8.7mm single/double/twin

2012 Sterling Nano 7.8 twins

ATC x 2

2012 Marmot Women's Medium PRECIP full side zip hardshell pants



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Bumping and adding:


2 x 7TM Power Tour Bindings, ski crampons, and spare parts.  PM to discuss price as there is SOO much included; this is a GREAT tele touring option.  


Tele Tech Heel Piece.  $35.  You need your own ability to mount the toe piece, but any tech binding works.  No problems, just no interested in tele anymore.  


Life Link plastic shovel.  $5


Life Link ski poles (two pole set).  $20.  No problems, just don't need them anymore.  


Scarpa T2 Tele Boots 30.5.  $35


Scapa Defender Tele Tech Boots 30.0 / 30.5.  $35


Some Big Bros.  Can't remember which ones, two total.  I've got some Valley Giants so I don't need these guys anymore.  Priced to move, make me an offer.  


Sterling hollow block x 2.  Make me an offer, I don't use them because I like the old fashioned cord better.  


Misc small cordage, lot's of length, priced to move as I don't want to bring it with me.  


Salomon Rockette Skis.  164cm x 110mm.  Bought cheap and never used.  $50 priced to move.  


Nordic Track bike.  Electric, plugs into wall.  Works.  Don't want to bring to Japan.  $50.  


Single Set of BD cams 0.5 - 6.  NOT LOOKING TO SELL SEPERATELY.  $450 



Bikes.  I'm trying to figure out what I want to do with my bike situation.


2015 Salsa Spearfish Carbon.  $2000.  100mm front and 80mm rear - perfect XC and I've done a lot of the bigger, longer trails in the PNW.  Front and rear shocks recently fully serviced (LIKE NEW).  Converted to tubeless with new tires.  Custom frame pack.  Testing the waters to see if I can recoup enough to get a bigger travel 29er. 


2017 Salsa Warbird Carbon Brooks LE.  $2000.  Great all-condition commuter and cross bike.  Tubless, frame pack and seat pack.  Just don't ride enough and I think I can get away commuting with a longer travel full suspension bike than the Spearfish while in Japan.  


I'd rather dump both bikes and get a SICK fast endure bike.

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Updated for sold items.  Lot's of interest in stuff, I'd like to hold for confirmed buyers, but can't hold for people just interested.



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BUMP and updated for sold items.  If you're looking for something different or specific, let me know and I might / probably have it and could possibly be willing to part with it to avoid brining it to Japan.


Thanks to the folks who confirmed their orders and came in person!

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