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Climbs on Whitehorse

Hans Travis

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I mean who else doesn't stare longingly at pictures of mountains when its raining and there's nothing else to do..?  

Anyways, I've been staring at pictures of Whitehorse, and it seems like it could have a ton of room for long rock routes, and even if the rock is total crap, longer harder winter routes than the standard ones on the west, southwest, and east faces of it.  There are some pretty proud looking lines, and the view you get of it from a long stretch of I5 is nothing short of inspiring.  The approach to the south and east faces looks like no joke, but that doesn't usually seem to stop the harder few out there.  Anyone know of a history of harder climbing on Whitehorse?  Or what the rock up there is like? 


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14 minutes ago, AlpineK said:

If you hit conditions right it could be good,

You HAVE to hit it right.  Otherwise it could easily be horrible or fatal.  I've gone a few times and only hit it right once.  You really need a snowpack without PWLs and a La Nina winter.

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