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RIP Calvin Landrus (Smith Rock Group)


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As taken from the Smith Rock Spring Thing Facebook Page:

Calvin Landrus, the president of the Smith Rock Group passed away from cancer this weekend. Calvin was involved with many activities with the Smith Rock Climbing community. Calvin worked on organizing the food for the Spring Thing morning registration and evening dinner. This was one huge task that we never had to worry about because we knew Calvin had it under control. He would show up before Spring Thing with his mini van and trailer completely full of food and supplies for the event. This year he was unable to help because we was diagnosed with cancer. It took several people, including his son Jaxson Landrus to do what Calvin was able to do by himself. He also really helped the Smith Rock Group get organized and updated all our State and Federal non-profit records. Calvin has been with the Smith Rock Group for many years. Calvin had a huge heart for helping others and the climbing community. Calvin, you will be missed.

Calvin was a top-notch human being. I had no idea about his cancer diagnosis until I read the above today. I remember his positive attitude and constant smile each morning as I registered at the Spring Thing clean up, as well as seeing him out working on his own climbing projects during the winter months.

Godspeed, Calvin.



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Calvin was a force of nature who, unfortunately, I had the chance to hang out with only once.  It was at a Mount Erie clean-up event he hosted in Dallas Kloke's honor, the year after his passing (2011?).  Afterwards we climbed Zig-zag in memory of Dallas, Calvin with a rope tied around his waist and in Nowegian welt boots- just like Dallas had done on the FA.

RIP Calvin, you are missed.

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wise sir do not grieve

it is always better to avenge dear ones

than to indulge in mourning

for every one of us living in this world

means waiting for our end

let he who can achieve glory before death

when a warrior is gone

that will be his best and only bulwark

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