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[TR] Liberty Bell group-Washington Pass - Beckey Route + others 06/29/2018


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Trip: Liberty Bell group-Washington Pass - Beckey Route + others

Trip Date: 06/29/2018

Trip Report:

June 29-30 , 2018 trip to the Liberty Bell group. Trip report here: https://meanwhileinak.com/2018/07/08/trip-report-liberty-bell-group-alpine-climb-6-29-18/

Gear Notes:
Brought spikes for the approach but there was hardly any snow so not needed.

Approach Notes:
Small patches of snow just before the Liberty bell group but mostly dry. We camped below the rocks for a more fun weekend and easy morning access.
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Congrats on your first climbs at Washington Pass! That's an amazing area and I'm excited for the Liberty Bell Conservation Iniative!

Not to be the LNT police (or maybe a little), but did you guys end up camping on completely vegetation-free areas? From your photos it looks like backpacks are on grass. I think this area gets more and more use every week and needs extra extra special attention to strict LNT practices. 

Have fun out there!


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