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[TR] Camp Hazard - Comet Falls / Van Trump Glacier 06/23/2018

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Trip: Camp Hazard - Comet Falls / Van Trump Glacier

Trip Date: 06/23/2018

Trip Report:


Climbed up to Camp Hazard and Skied the Turtle yesterday via Comet Falls and Van Trump Park. I've never been up to Camp Hazard this way before because it looked longer than Paradise / Nisqually. In reality I think it's about the same elevation because you don't have to drop down, and it's less hassle because there's no glacier to cross.


Go in at comet fall trailhead. Comet Falls is reached in 2 miles from the TH. Ascend up into Van Trump Park. At 6000 feet things open into a meadow. Ascend the ridge separating Van Trump Creek on the right and Comet Creek on the left. Ascend to flats at 7100 feet. From the flats, ascend the right side snowfield to the crest of Wapowety Cleaver and a flat spot at 9000 feet. Water was available here. Turn left and ascend the Turtle below the Kautz Ice cliff. Camp Hazard sits below the ice cliff, but has been moved lower to offer protection from the receding glacier. Running water is available at Camp Hazard. Snap on the skis and WAHOO! 8000 foot descent to the car.

6.5 hours to Camp Hazard, 2.25 hours to the car.

Here's the Relive: https://www.relive.cc/view/1657881348#

Comet Falls


Van Trump / Wapowety Cleaver



Niscqually Glacier


Camp Hazard / Kautz Ice Cliff


Kautz Chute looks to be in good shape - thre climbers descending on rappell



Looking down the Kautz glacier


Kautz Ice Cliff


Gear Notes:
Skis. Crampons and axe if you think there will be hard snow

Approach Notes:
Great trail. Snow free until 5400 feet

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