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[TR] Graybeard - South gully 05/20/2018

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Trip: Graybeard - South gully

Trip Date: 05/20/2018

Trip Report:

You'd think, looking at Graybeard from multiple angles, that there isn't a reasonable ski line on the peak.  But a clever wee gully splits the south side and deposits one a few meters from the tippy top (some loosey goosey 3rd in ski boots to keep the finish spicy).  On a clear day (which we didn't have) the view is not too shabby either, esp. the gulp inducing perspective looking down the north face.  Yowza.  It has been off my list for a long time but this only reinforced why.  Descending back to Easy Pass in the afternoon brought us back to the crowds that are now unfortunately common in the North Cascades on weekends (3 people).  Go midweek.

This report is a bit late for the photos to be useful, but there is always next year. 





Summit ridge:


Agnes! (L), Gunsight, and Sinster:



The entrance is a bit steep:



Across to Hardy (a great ski as well, with a bit more snow):


Time to pack 'em:



Gear Notes:
skis, ski crampons

Approach Notes:
Careful on the side hill from Easy Pass. Cliffs below!
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Wow- excellent TR and pix. Really love that shot showing Agnes.  I recall your TR on that one from years ago.  Am considering that sufferfest for later this summer...


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4 hours ago, bobinc said:

Am considering that sufferfest for later this summer.

I'll be interested in hearing all about it @bobinc!  I haven't seen a TR since our ascent and am curious if anyone else has been up there.  Agnes is one of the loneliest major summits in the range, at least in my experience.  A forgotten fang.

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On Agnes @bobinc?  It is typical high alpine Cascades- not great, not terrible.  I remember it as reasonable quality but not memorable (good or bad).  We had a lot of snow though, which may have hid some looseness.   We opted to bypass the ridge in the foreground below using a series of gullies on the other side of the ridge that were snow filled.  I think if they weren't, you would want to stick to the ridge.

Summit from far below:


There was only a short bit of mid-fifth as I recall (we may have only had one pair of rock shoes for the leader):



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Nice. Thanks for reposting the pictures... Remind me what time of year you were up there.

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Third week of July 2011 @bobinc, which was a big snow year, and a cool summer,  if I recall correctly.

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