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Patagonia hybrid sleeping bag - reviews?

Daphne H

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I'm interested in shaving a bit of weight off my kit and am wondering if anyone has tried the Patagonia Hybrid sleeping bag. Ideally it would replace my current sleeping bag on everything summer alpine climbing related - a spot in my backpack in case of unplanned bivies, planned bivies, weeklong trips in the bugs.

- is it actually warm?

- is it durable - can I use it as my main sleeping bag or is it prone to ripping?

- is it comfortable (does it breathe or will i be waking up in a pile of condensation/sweat?)

Any other reviews / recommendations would be awesome.



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i see you have no bites on this.  I don't own one but I have some thoughts.

if it is not warm enough, wear clothes in sleeping bag.  I usually use way inadequate rated sleeping gear and make up for it with wearing clothes while sleeping.

Patagonia has a very strong return program.  I doubt that it is not durable and if there is an issue, I suspect that it is easy to have them repair or replace.

I doubt any sleeping bag is non breathable.


if you have plenty of money, maybe you need a regular sleeping bag for camp and a half bag/down jacket for unplanned bivy.

I have a really oldish down sleeping bag liner (I thinkit is rated 40F) that use pretty much all summer.  super light and compact.  I bet there are similar products out there as well.

good luck

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