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Fred Beckey book information request

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3 hours ago, Off_White said:

Chris, the quote of Megan's you cite from NWHikers was posted 6 days after Fred's death and is what she was referring to in her most recent response here when she said, 

She's not writing a salacious tome in order to make some quick bucks, and she's not looking to exploit the experiences of any "victim of harassment or abuse." 

Sorry dude, I'm  more concerned about potential harm to the victims then Mr. Becky's friend and companion's need to write about those victims in a for profit book.

If any victim needs to  publically tell their story as part of a healing process, there are more appropriate support venues to do so.

If there are victims of abuse in this case, and I don't know that there are, the victim's needs are to be our main concern, not the writers needs,  and certainly not anyone's need to read a salacious story.

But hey that's just my informed opinion coming from a former Wa State certified counselor.



“We are a culture of victim-blamers,” Engel says, adding that those who suffer sexual abuse – from young children to predominantly female students on college campuses – are frequently blamed for what happened to them."


  1. (of writing, pictures, or talk) treating sexual matters in an indecent way and typically conveying undue interest in or enjoyment of the subject.
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@Chris Hopkins Megan has explained her project twice now.  People can make their own choices about whether or not to contact her and what, if anything, to share. I don't think they need continued advice on the topic from any of us.

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If you have something you want to share with Megan, please do so.

If you want to talk but don't feel comfortable talking to Megan, please contact me anonymously and we can explore ways so your story can be heard. If you don't want to tell your story but need help healing and finding closure and need assistance in doing that again let me know and we can see how we can assist you in that.

I'm a victim of harassment. I've also reported sexual harassment in the work place on several occasions. None of these instances were "misunderstandings" and variety of other lame excuses, it was a product of selfishness and a culture that fosters it. I refuse to be part of that.

I'm closing this thread as there is nothing to be gained by any further discussion.

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