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Any climbing mentors???


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I started peak bagging about 2 years ago, and am starting to find the need for more roped travel AND rock climbing. I have gone to the top of Mt Rainier with a guide as part of a fundraiser for the ALA, so in a way it doesn't count. I have accomplished a lot as solo day hikes - SFJ, stuart, cashmere, black peak, and some others. Have gone up to top of Hood, Adams, Maude, Oval, Hoodoo, Courtney, Little Annapurna, and some others with a friend or 2. I do have plans of joining on a group with a friend of mine for a Baker and Shuksan combo weekend or Mt Olympus over mem day - weather and snow dependent naturally. 

I have mostly been indoor rock climbing, but have gone outdoors once to prusik peak- definitely not the best one to be your first outdoor climbing excperience! Depending on the gym of course, I climb mostly 5.9, but have accomplished a few 5.10a's. I plan to take a lead course early summer. I also took a beginner and intermediate ice climbing course in January, and have only been able to get out and practice once. 

Some more... I started to learn skiing last year. I'm pretty confident on blue runs, and although I can go down black runs without being scared- it is slow and still not really fun. I do not have an AT setup... still trying to afford the bindings... but hopefully for next winter!

So I'm here looking for anyone who is interested in taking me under their wing per se, and helping me learn more in mountaineering, technical mountaineering, ice climbing, rock climbing, and even skiing! I'm eager to get out there and learn/do more. I have a very strong desire to get on Denali for 2019 and am willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen!

Lmk if you're interested in having a less experienced climbing friend who is eager to learn:)

~ Natasja 

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I was a member of the mountaineers but my budget can't afford continuous courses. I have gone on some of the outings, but tended to feel stuck with people I didn't necessarily click with.  I am hoping to practice what I have learned at a minimum and gain more knowledge through more doing. Luckily, have received a couple messages and am feeling positive about being able to connect with some great people on here. 

I appreciate your response and recommendations! 

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Another thing would be to ask for a partner(s) for a specific day or weekend trip.  Much less commitment in a 'blind date' type situation, then see if things click. And you are far from a novice, so you don't necessarily need a more experienced partner all the time to progress toward your goals.  Good luck!

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